The Best House Paint Colors for the Desert: 2022

by Ace Painting Las Vegas

Posted on May 18, 2020

Updated on October 5, 2022

Choosing a color for the outside of your house is a big decision. It's the first thing you see when you get home, it's how you greet visitors when they arrive.

Living in a desert like Las Vegas, choosing the right house paint color isn't just about design - it can also be about utility. The wrong paint choice can cause early fading or even cause an increase to your energy bills. The good news is that Ace Painting and Drywall has the guide for picking a beautiful, long lasting, and energy efficient exterior house paint.

Warm and Earthy Terra-Cotta Orange Dark Blue Accents

Warm Desert Colored House Paint

Warm desert house paints have been a long standing favorite for houses in the southwest, and for good reason. This paint color can stand up to the hot sun while providing a beautiful contrast to the blue sky and stark green plants.

Clean and Sleek White Grey and Blue Accents

Ultra Modern Cloud White House Paint

Houses in Las Vegas have recently been following ultra modern design trends, which lend well to using energy efficient whites and light greys. White house paint can be boring, but when accented correctly with pops of fun contrasting colors, the result is something both modern and friendly.

Light Greys and Whites Tan and Grey Accents

Light Greys and Whites House Paint

Light grey house paint gives a nice contemporary feel, without standing out as much as a bright white. When paired with desert tan accents, the home fits naturally alongside the mountainous backdrop of Las Vegas.

Olive and Tan Neutral Tones Dark Brown Accents

Olive and Tan Neutral Tone House Paint

Olive green provides a warm feeling of home while bringing in an earthy element to your desert home. While the dark color is subject to fading, a high quality paint applied by professional painters will hold up to the hot Las Vegas sun for years to come.

Ultra Modern Cloud White Grey and Concrete Accents

Ultra Modern Cloud White House Paint

For homes with ultra modern styling, sheer whites lend towards a luxurious and clean aesthetic. The bright white house paint makes the home feel bigger, and allow to balance focus towards your landscaping.

Organic Desert Tones With Stone Accents

Organic Desert Tones House Paint

Desert sand tan colors allow for subtlety and comfort. When painted with the right shade of light brown, stone decorated homes can move help guide focus to such areas.

Which of these colors would best suit your home?

When searching for the perfect house paint color, there are many factors to be considered. Ace Painting looks at each home individually, and helps inform your decision to maximize the lifespan of your paint. Contact us for a free consultation and estimate!

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